Sunday, March 5, 2017

How to Use Biorhythms to Optimize Your Life

There are three natural biorhythm cycles that govern our lives; the Physical, the Emotional, and the Intellectual.  Each cycle has a unique period and therefore the interaction of these cycles constantly varies.
·         Physical Cycle = 23 days
·         The Emotional Cycle = 28 days
·         The Intellectual Cycle  = 33 days

They all start at the zero value on the day of birth and begin to climb the positive part of the cycle. Half way through the cycle, they again cross zero and move into the negative part of the cycle. This cyclic nature resembles a wave pattern.

At birth all three cycles begin at zero (day 1) and follow the above pattern. First going in the plus direction (upward), returning to zero (mid cycle), then going in the minus (downward direction), turning around and returning to the day 1 position to begin the cycle again.  During the upward swing, the physical, emotional and intellectual traits have the most energy and are "discharging".

The downward swing puts a person in the recuperative, "recharging" cycle.  The critical days are when the cycle crosses the zero point. That is when the trait is "switching" from the low, recuperating phase to the high, discharging phase (day 1 of the cycle) or when it is "switching" from the high, discharging phase to the low recuperating phase (mid-point of the cycle). On critical days your physical, emotional, or intellectual state is in flux and has a higher degree of instability.  
The physical and emotional cycles seem to have the most influence on one's state of being (disposition to human error or accidents).  Besides, the intellectual cycle is nearly 1.5 times as long as the physical cycle and has far fewer days of criticality.


The physical cycle is from your masculine side and affects your physical condition.  During the plus side of the cycle (day 2 through day 11), your physical condition is in a charged state and is discharging (i.e. expending energy).  Physical work is easier.  You feel more vigorous and have more vitality.  Your endurance level is higher.
During the minus portion of the cycle (day 13 through day 23) you are in a recuperative, recharging state and may tire more easily.  This period is conducive to recuperation.  Some athletes, depending on the state of other cycles and factors may have a slump during this time.
The critical points of the physical cycle are at day 1 and day 12 1/2.  You may be more prone to misjudge your physical energy or endurance while switching from one phase to the other.

The emotional cycle governs the nervous system.  It is due to the influence on nerve cells from one's feminine side and affects the emotional level.  During the high end of the cycle (day 2 to day 14) one is more inclined towards optimism and cheerfulness.  Creativity, feelings, love and cooperation are favourably influenced.
During the low end of the cycle (day 16 to day 28), your emotions and emotional state are in a recuperative state.  You are more inclined to be irritable and negative.  The relative high and low of these two phases is definitely influenced by your general temperament.  An excitable person will have a wider swing than a more sedate or calm person.


When the intellectual cycle is in its high, "plus" phase (day 2 to day 16) one is more capable of absorbing new ideas and can think more clearly.  Mental responses are more spontaneous and memory functions well.  This is a good time for creative thought and studying new ideas.
During the low phase (day 18 to day 33) your capacity to think may be reduced. This may be a better time to rehearse and review known concepts.


Biorhythm cycles can be used to explain why we have good days and bad days. The rise and fall of these cycles are relative levels, not absolute.  You can not predict the future with biorhythms, but you can give yourself the advantage of informed judgement.  With practice, your biorhythm cycles will help you to understand your day to day ups and downs and to prepare for them.

Note: The outcome of your day-to-day activities is, for the most part, in your hands. So don't hide on “low” days. Just be prepared to exercise some extra caution. Perhaps put off an important decision or activity for a day or two. Knowing that your energy level may be low during a certain period will allow you to be prepared for it.

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