Sunday, March 19, 2017

Preventive Nutrition

There are many causes for chronic illness, but two of the most critical components are: inflammation and fungal overgrowth. These two components feed one another in a vicious cycle that never ends unless you address the real cause.

Wellness and illness are based on the basic principles of biochemistry and biophysics. 

Understanding and following these principles will lead to optimal health. Good nutrition starts with the use of organic foods and clean water. The next step is to become aware of the role of intestinal flora. There are trillions of microorganisms and a hundred different species that live in the intestines. In a healthy digestive system, the majority of flora is beneficial to your body. 

In a healthy individual, the digestive tract has a lot of beneficial flora, a few commensals (organisms that are neutral in function) and a few “recyclers” to clean up the garbage.

Disease strikes when the rules of nature are broken. Eating undesirable toxic foods, refined sugars along with a “fast and toxic lifestyle” is the prescription for ill health. 

In terms of simple biochemistry, the “recyclers” (microorganisms in the gut that take out the garbage) become huge in numbers and are no longer harmless but pathogenic (capable of producing disease). These pathogens in the gut are created by our own disregard for the “basic rules” stated above. As these pathogens gain control, they create inflammation of the gut and promote fungal overgrowth. Once the undesirable fungi (called Candida) get established in your body, they start a never-ending cycle of toxicity and disease.

Systemic candida yeast overgrowth is at the root of many of the most common health concerns such as: fatigue, loss of willpower, abdominal distension, fluid retention, gas and bloating, chronic headache, skin rashes, itching, brain fog, nail and skin fungal infections, sinus infection, muscle and joint pain, uncontrollable food cravings (especially for sweets and starches), irritable bowel, food allergies, lowered immune response leading to frequent infectious illness, disturbed sleep, etc.. 

When these chronic conditions are left untreated or are suppressed through the use of pharmaceutical drugs, the general health of the body will deteriorate, allowing more serious degenerative illnesses to develop at a later stage.

Fortunately, the science of Integrative Medicine can help you regain your vibrant health. 

There are two key components to recovery. This consists of reduction/elimination of inflammation and reduction and control of the hidden fungal overgrowth. Clinical experience using these methods to treat thousands of children and adults for hidden infections shows that once the infections (especially fungus) are under control, vibrant health soon follows.

The rules are simple. One must stop eating the common, nutritionally bankrupt foods and start using the proper nutritional supplements to control fungus. While fungus cannot be completely eradicated – it can be controlled through metabolically correct nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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